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A brand new collection of TEN solos for snare drum (plus optional electronic element). Composers include: Andy Akiho, John Psathas, Casey Cangelosi, Paul Rennick, Ted Atkatz, Joe Tompkins, Larnell Lewis, Michael Eagle, Timo Andres and Shaun Tilburg.  


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Renee Keller is the Principal Timpanist/Percussionist of the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra in Columbus. She has previously held positions as Principal Percussionist of the Milwaukee Ballet Orchestra and Percussionist with the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. She has performed regularly with a number of orchestras around the country including the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Kansas City Symphony, the Dayton Philharmonic, and the Toledo Symphony. Renee’s percussion duo, Duoma, has a focus of performing original works and especially works by women. Duoma was invited to perform original works composed by members Renee Keller and Sarah Waters at the 2018 Music By Women Festival in Mississippi and the 2018 National Conference on Percussion Pedagogy in Arkansas.

Renee holds a Bachelor of Music degree from The University of Michigan, Master of Music degree from Temple University, and Doctor of Music degree from Northwestern University. 


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