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TEN brand new ~4-6 minute compositions for solo snare drum plus electronics (depending on composer). Featuring contributors from the 'classical composition' world, pop music, jazz fusion, drum corps, film music and traditional/rudimental crossover.  


Composers: Andy Akiho, Timo Andres, Ted Atkatz, Casey Cangelosi, Michael Eagle, Larnell Lewis, John Psathas, Paul Rennick, Shaun Tilburg, Joseph Tompkins.

The Dynamic Snare (10 solos for SD and Digital Playback)

  • Andy Akiho

    Timo Andres

    Ted Atkatz

    Casey Cangelosi

    Michael Eagle

    Larnell Lewis

    John Psathas

    Paul Rennick

    Shaun Tilburg

    Joseph Tompkins

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