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Suite Venezolana was composed in 1951-1952 by Antonio Lauro. The suite was composed while Lauro was in prison for speaking out against the Venezuelan government. A firm believer in democracy and social change, Lauro saw prison as "part of life" for Venezuelan men and used the time to compose. Although he was in prison, Lauro was still inspired and captivated by the beauty of the country and the unique landscapes in it. Throughout the four movements of the work, Lauro highlights the traditions of the country and evokes the Venezuelan spirit through the contrasting musical styles, vibrant harmony, and strong syncopated rhythms. Suite Venezolana is one of Lauro's most inspired and cherished works, as it is a look into the lives of the Venezuelan people.

[PDF] Suite Venezolana, Transcribed by Jose Uzcategui (Marimba solo)

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