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The title "Elements" has multiple meanings in relation to this piece. In one sense, it refers to the
many different materials used in the instrumentation (metal, wood, skin, and, optionally, glass). I
attempted to create a piece which would highlight both the complimentary nature of these
materials as well as the possibility for sharp contrast between groups of instruments.


Elements is also the title of an ancient mathematical treatise by Euclid, which includes instructions
for dividing two integers in order to produce a quotient and a remainder. Most of the rhythmic
structures in this piece are based upon this Euclidean division, especially division of the number 13,
as it produces small remainders when divided by 3, 4, 5, or 6. This piece presents these rhythms
like a sort of "broken metronome", full of changes in speed and skips caused by these small
remainders. The number 13 is also used in larger formal structures, as well as in the numerator of
time signatures.

[PDF] Elements, Karukas (Multi-perc solo)

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